A greasy monkey, a viper and a poisoned apple make for a grand tale

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2013 @ 3:44am by Lieutenant J'dAs son of udAs

Mission: Prequel
Location: USS Nox, Starbase 241, Bridge
Timeline: LD-1, 0910

LD -49


Kallay was still getting used to wearing a uniform instead of a jumpsuit and not having to ask permission to use the restroom, but he was actually enjoying his work, so different than his old assignment but using the same skills...kinda. A smile flitted across his face while he thought this, apparently time incarcerated had complicated his thoughts. Turning back to his data PADD he confirmed that all of his findings were clear and in order before speaking up.

Standing, Kallay took the PADD over to Omen, "Commander," he said clearly through the quiet din that was the usual running of the bridge, "I've been working with the Science Team and the Kolari Engineer Verrin, and we think we've found a footprint in the omicron signature. We were able to set the phase-variance of the sensors and tricorders to detect that trace and we've discovered it at the site of all the other acts of sabotage."

"Impressive," Omen turned in his seat at the OPS station and offered a smile to the handsome young Trill. He then joined Kallay at the Intel station and studied the data, his face aglow in the light. "Also curious, because we have nothing that generates Omicron particles as a byproduct and we're in no environment where they exist naturally. I suspect," he rubbed his chin, "Our 'guardian angel' tagged the saboteur with something we could easily track."

He looked into Kallay's eyes, "We're still dealing with time travel but this can help us track where the saboteur has been and examine what he has tampered with. Perhaps then we can locate other booby traps."

"Possibly repair the damage before it infects other systems," Kallay nodded, "I also thought that the senior staff and anyone with access to critical systems should start changing our access codes on a daily basis, and if we can avoid entering them in the permanent records, so if the saboteur is using them he will have to re-acquire each day. It may not stop him but it might slow him down."

"Sensible," Omen nodded, "bring it to the captain for approval. Perhaps we can finally get ahead of this and put the saboteur."

Kallay nodded, "Will do Sir."