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A Stroke of a Pen, Part III

Posted on Wed Feb 6th, 2013 @ 3:32am by Lieutenant Commander Omen

Mission: Prequel
Location: Starbase 214, Captain's Personal Quarters
Timeline: Launch Date 88

"Very well," he climbed to his feet to order two soothing herbal teas from the replicator. He gave a saucer over to Rowan and took a sip of his own. The enigmatic El-Aurian searched Rowan's eyes, as if weighing how much to confide.

"You know my people possess a certain...sensitivity with time," He ventured. "While we talked I spotted something, perhaps a temporal shadow."

The much, much younger woman let her raised eyebrow ask the question for her as she inhaled the rich scent of tea.

Omen saw that his new captain was going to hang on doggedly until he explained everything he could. The lucid Listener smelled his tea with eyes closed and exhaled a long, soothing breath. "I saw a Klingon female standing directly behind you. She wore very different armor - sleek and highly advanced while keeping a distinctive Klingon aesthetic. She scanned the room with some kind of beam and vanished."

“What does it mean?” Rowan asked, drinking the hot liquid in slow sips.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Omen took a deeper drink of his tea, savoring the taste and letting it help soothe and settle his mind. "I couldn't tell when it took place, whether past or future. I guess from the Klingon's armor that it was future. Given that she looked to be a descendant of J'dAs' bloodline and she appeared in this precise location. I guess she was specifically looking for us. She looked specifically at me and performed a scan that included both of us."

He blew some heat off his tea before taking another sip. "She looked like she didn't get what she wanted or maybe she couldn't understand what she was reading from her scan. After that she winked out."

“Maybe it threw her that you could see her?” Rowan suggested as she got to her feet and began her before bed stretching.

"Possibly," he watched her stretching, admiring her shapely figure, her creamy pale skin and long, raven black tresses. Once, long ago he might have found her enticing, alluring, and nigh irresistible. Hers was a rare beauty that only happened once every few ages and she felt nothing of it. Her strength, intelligence, and independent spirit only made her more desirable. Few mortals could resist her and yet he considered only immortalizing her beauty in his next painting.

Yeah, hard-up twice in one day puts a strain on the old ticker. A sarcastic, streetwise voice in the back of his thoughts rolled its "O's" so dramatically they fell off the figurative table of coolness. Thus Mind Evil revealed itself.

Creamy skin, raven tresses, man even your thoughts sound old. Body Evil, a squeakier voice blew a raspberry, doing its best to shake Omen's concentration.

You watch them grow old and die, boo-fecking-hoo, Spirit Evil snarled like an angry rat. You picked this life, bub, if you can't take it then get out.

Or go play with the ~Triiiiiiiiiiiill...~ Squeaky-voiced Body Evil cackled like a pubescent demon digging through Omen's porn collection. You know how far the spots go and he's ~interested...~ tee-hee!

And he's a boy, It pressed, So you don't have to worry about...

The mindscape shuddered with a deafening crack of thunder.


ENOUGH! Omen clamped down on his thoughts with ruthless control.

Omen rose quickly to his feet and placed his empty tea cup and saucer in the recycler. He waited for Rowan to stand upright before offering her a paternal hug and kiss. "Sleep well, 'Captain,'" he teased. "I must meditate on everything we've learned."

Rowan nodded while she yawned again taking down her hair, "Maybe I should get a bird to round out our zoo... Or a wallaby."

The enigmatic exec chuckled, "I thought we were your zoo? Given how I hear you speak about men when you think we're not listening we round out Moar, Snack, Meatloaf, and Iko nicely. Though, I anticipate J'dAs might argue his classification loudly."

Rowan kissed his cheek, “Get some rest yourself, we both will need it.”

He closed his eyes at the feel of her lips on his cheek. He heard screams and gunshots like echoes across lifetimes. Omen took a deep breath and smiled.

"Good night, Captain," this time he did not tease.

“I don’t know that that will ever feel normal,” Rowan said in a soft voice as she watched him go.


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