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Lieutenant Commander Omen

Name Omen

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 220+

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight 222 LB (100 kg)
Hair Color Sable brown
Eye Color peridot green
Physical Description Omen appears to be a human between 25 and 30 years of age who engages in intensive, extensive physical exercise. He is Caucasian with the natural tan of an outdoorsman. Some light body hair is prevalent on his chest, arms and lower extremities. He has the eyes of an old soul and the bearing of a man of action. His nose is straight and narrow. His lips are full. He has solid cheekbones and a jaw full of strength and character. He has the kind of face that can warm a heart with a smile or cow lesser souls with a hard stare.

His handsome good looks appear weathered from years spent outdoors. He frequently grows a stubbly beard and his hair can always use a trim. On duty and off he presents a slightly unkempt appearance, as if he has more important things to do than to make sure his uniform is pressed and his boots are polished.

When dressing casually he favors a long coat over a print button down shirt, rugged leggings, and boots. He eschews jewelry and bright colors, preferring simple earth tones: brown, white, and blue. He has no tattoos, scars, or distinguishing birthmarks.

Under dangerous circumstances Omen is known to carry a number of concealed and unsanctioned weapons from vibroblades in arm sheathes to shoulder holsters for pistols and swords crossed on a back harness. This says nothing about garrotes, throwing needles and knives, choking powder, and various sundry portable chemical packets. When asked, he shrugs, "You want to fight a Jem'Hadar, carry some talc."


Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) unknown
Other Family unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Omen behaves much like a frontiersman crossed with a Renaissance Man. He is a man of practical ethics and secular views. He comports his behavior by a standard he calls "Truth." Simply put, he governs his actions based on the memory he leaves behind after death. "Live every day as if it was your last" is a common motto. He does not fixate on death but rather he fixates on leaving a legacy of which he can feel proud. Leading a good life, a full life, and leaving behind friends and loved ones who cherish him and admire his accomplishments is important. Interestingly, he shows no interest in grand gestures or ambition. Instead, he prefers to save the universe one soul at a time.

Privacy is another important trait of this fascinating study in anachronism alive in modern times. Omen keeps his secrets and he is of a mind, nothing moves him to speak. He has resigned from Starfleet when pressured to reveal details about his life or his origin. Likewise, he is prone to leave others to their privacy unless he has a pressing need, like saving lives. It is worth noting that Omen is not moved by rank, threats to his career, criminal prosecution, or threats of physical torture. If he chooses not to speak then he does not speak - period.

Where someone of this age and experience might be tempted to found empires, this man is devoted to passing through life as inconspicuously as possible. It is amazing in fact that he chose the Command career track this time when he reenlisted in Starfleet. It can be honestly said that Omen harbors no ambition in the conventional sense. He seems content to perform his duty. If a promotion gets him where he wants to be to do what he wants, he works for the promotion and remains there until he finds something else he needs. Therefore, he does not seem driven to build a comfortable life or earn prestige and rank. Rather, he is moved by access to what he needs to accomplish an objective. Apparently, his objective this time required command rank. That leads to perhaps the strongest and most telling personality trait Omen possesses.

Respect is a quality to admire and covet. Omen carries himself with quiet and profound self-respect. He offers others courtesy and due respect. He negotiates in good faith and if cheated, he takes only what he pays for and leaves his cheater to think about crossing him again. Respect is constant but he is not stupid. He will lie and cheat someone who poses a threat or simply needs to learn a lesson about how to treat others. Object lessons exist to keep others on their toes.

Omen is known to utter a few noteworthy quotes:

"There are no acceptable losses."

"Silence speaks clearly to those who listen."

"You only lose what you cling to."

"Infinity converts that which is possible into the inevitable."

"Time is subjective to the quality of experience."

"We're all in this life together. We can get along or I can ignore you. There's a third option but you really don't want to go there."

"Violence is the last resort, so be damned good at it."

"Never start a fight but always, always finish it."

"If you're not doing what you love then you're only waiting to die."

"There is no tomorrow until it becomes today."
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:
Temporal Awareness: Omen is sensitive to temporal phenomena in the same manner as most El-Aurians.

Discipline: Omen has trained his body into the ultimate fighting machine. He knows martial arts styles from across the ages and from many races. He is a master of meditation and mind over body techniques. He can pull stunts known by masters like conscious adrenaline surges, walking across live coals, enduring extreme temperature, holding his breath for extended periods, self-induced death-like state, and healing trances.

Enduring Education: Omen is possessed of photographic memory. He recalls everything he has encountered for hundreds of years. He might not possess legendary aptitude in many tasks but he is competent in just about any general tasks he sets his mind to.

Honor and Standing: Omen has earned good standing in a number of diverse races including: Denobulans, Efrosians, Andorians, Vulcans, Deltans, and Klingons.

Secrets: Omen keeps many secrets, secrets that compel him to take unusual action. Example, Starfleet Intelligence pressed Omen about his true identity. He resigned his commission and vanished for decades.

Enemies: In addition to conventional "you owe me money from 50 years ago" enemies Omen has some high-powered enemies, specifically Section 31, Platonians and Devidians. Their enmity is mutual. Omen will take every opportunity to shut down their schemes and they steal every chance they can to capture or kill Omen.
Ambitions Omen states no ambitions beyond those of his current stint in Starfleet. This time he works to achieve command rank. This has understandably piqued the interest of Starfleet Intelligence, who has been sniffing his trail since the birth of the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Fitness, meditation and martial arts, cooking, home brewing, Herbalism and holistic medicine, Leatherworking, cloth weaving, sewing, clay work, tea ceremony, calligraphy, melee weapon crafting, playing guitar and flute

Personal History Omen's first appearance in modern times was as a student at the Denobulan Medical Academy where he specialized in holistic medicine, frequently corresponding with Dr. Phlox. His first appearance in Federation history is quite literally at the founding of the Federation. He joined Starfleet as a medical specialist on October 10, 2161. He served with distinction aboard NX Liberty, resigning his commission 39 years later to Study Kolinahr on Vulcan. No record survives of his trials but he appears again in 2211, on Andoria studying with the reclusive Aenar.

A Vulcan observer recorded Omen aiding the Aenar colony against an Andorian raid. He challenged the Andorian clan leader to Ushaan, a duel to the death to ensure the safety of the colony. Omen prevailed but his violence forever barred him from again studying with the Aenar. He appears two years later in the records at the Monastery of Boreth, in the Klingon Empire. There he earns a Klingon name and status within the empire.

His next recorded appearance is leading the escape of Orion slaves in 2222. He leads them to safety at Delta Prime, in Federation space and promptly reenlists in Starfleet, this time as a tactical officer. He serves with Garth of Izar through the battle of Axanar and later, assists in taking Garth down after his tragic madness. After a brief leave of absence Omen returns in time to serve in various positions during the Four Years War and the Earth/Romulan War. He resigns his commission once more in 2293.

A record exists of his presence on Efros during this time but there is no indication how long he resided at this location. His next confirmed appearance is 2310 when he applies at Starfleet Academy for the third time as a science specialist. He serves seven years aboard Ambassador-class USS Endeavor until 2323 when he vanishes on a covert intelligence mission inside Romulan space. He is presumed MIA until 2340 when he is found in stasis inside a stolen Romulan life pod near the Neutral Zone. He undergoes debriefing, is offered convalescent leave, but he chooses to resign his commission.

He studies with the 'Am of Delta as a civilian but Starfleet Intelligence later spots him engaging Orions as an independent trader. He vanishes from the record until the first encounter with the Borg in 2364. He enlists in Starfleet Academy for the fourth time and quickly works his way through multiple masters programs, majoring in quantum field dynamics, engineering, and advanced genetics. He curiously switches to the command track soon after graduation. He remains active in Starfleet currently.

Most notable about Omen is that he is never on record as having any family. There is no record of his having married. Personal logs note many friends and a few quality long-term relationships with men across various stints in Starfleet. He never mentions children, adopted or otherwise. The El-Aurians acknowledge him as one of them but beyond this, Omen keeps to himself.
Service Record 2364-72: Starfleet Academy, graduates with high honors as Science Mission Specialist, Particle Physics rank Lieutenant, Junior-grade.

2372-76: Assigned Starbase 351: Mission Specialist, Intel Analyst during Dominion War. Transfer to Operations Intel Mission Specialist. Command School, rank Lieutenant.

2376-81: Assigned starship USS Sovereign: Assistant Operations Manager. Sovereign lost defending Tellar during Borg Invasion of 2381. Command staff KIA, Omen assumes command, evacuates crew, infects cube with a virus to disrupt subspace carrier signal and rams Sovereign into cube to prevent the Borg from adapting quickly. Local Borg fleet shuts down and later vanishes during Caeliar Incident. Commendation for Meritorious Gallantry.

2381-current: Assigned starship USS Nox: Executive Officer. Rank, Lieutenant Commander