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Lieutenant Commander MaorNaRúin to-Srallansre

Name MaorNaRúin to-Srallansre

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Sivaoan
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 2' 2" Long Tail Length: 18"
Weight 25lbs
Hair Color Golden brown with black rosettes
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Maor is considered petite by any standard though her tail is longer than most. Her golden brown fur has plenty of black rosettes making intricate patterns all along her back and sides.


Spouse None
Children None
Father CosaintAnMarc to-Allanien
Mother SpotaíGeal of-Vensre
Brother(s) MiotáinBán to-Vensre (first litter), LáthairStoirm to-Ennien (twin)
Sister(s) LapaBog to-Srallansre (first litter), GlaochCiúin to-Ennien (first litter), ScamallFeargach to-Allanien
Other Family None. All of Father's littermates have passed and Mother is Eeiauon.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maor has always been curious, any new mystery would send her whiskers quivering in interest. At the same time she has always been quiet, satisfied to sit in the shadows while her older and louder siblings got all the attention. She is easy going and will generally go with the will of others unless there is something she truly wants. Then it is not good to be the one in her way, since she never hesitates to use her claws when going over an obstacle.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Easy Going
Slow to Anger

Holds a Grudge
Very Picky

Racial Strengths
Emotion Smell
Prehensile Tail
Keen Sight
Eidetic Memory
Ambitions To know.
Hobbies & Interests Singing, Reading, Eavesdropping, Weaving, Knitting,

Personal History Moar is not like your typical Sivaoan, she doesn't barter the knowledge she gains. She hordes everyone like a mythical dragon hordes gold. She always listened, always paid attention. However she was never considered quite right. While others of her race used knowledge as a commodity Moar was content to listen to the secrets of those around her and holding them close so that she could investigate them individually. Her life really changed the first time she saw a Starfleet vessel. It wasn't a large ship, but it had been full of such interesting creatures and smells. Moar's whiskers had twitched for a week after they had left from the curiosity to know.

Then came the time for her walk, the time when she would be considered a full adult amongst her people. When she would be able to make her own decisions. No sooner had she completed her walk than someone had finally seen that the mild mannered kitten that they all presumed Moar was had some sharp claws.

It was a week after her walk, and she sat down for supper with her family. Everyone had been pestering Lathair about what he was going to do now that he was grown, their father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and go into politics. Lathair was content to do this, he enjoyed politics though he always felt that he would make a poor leader he still wound up in leadership positions all the way back to when they had been cubs.

"I'm joining Starfleet." Moar had announced suddenly.

The entire family fell silent, ears flicking forward as though to make sure that they had heard correctly.

"Moar, you should find a good mate and raise cubs. Not gallivant around with aliens." Her father had said in a tone that said he expected to be obeyed.

"I don't want cubs, at least not for a while, if ever. I want to explore and to learn." Moar had said just as matter of factly as her father.

"So take a few months and explore here. There is no need for you to travel amongst aliens to explore." Normally his tone and the flicking of his tail would have been the end of the discussion.

"I want to see new places, learn new things. Not the same old tripe that has been going through our people for generations. I want to hear new stories and meet people who are different from us and have adventures." Moar's tail flicked in agitation. "I won't be content to just mate and raise cubs. That is not what I want in my life."

"I forbid you to do this Moar, you are still a child apparently. You will stay here until you mate and then you will come back to show us your first litter within the year. Just as your sisters have done."

"No." Moar said softly before rising to her feet and grabbing her Useful and bundling her few things into it. "I love you father, but I am an adult and I have made my choice. I'll write often." Without another word she padded from her family's home.

Within a month Moar was on her way to Earth to join Starfleet and go through the Academy.
Service Record Born: 2345

Applied to academy: 2363

Graduated: 2371 top of class Lieutenant. Specialty = Behavioral Psychology. Studying behavior and forming prediction models to assist in developing treatment options.

First tour: 2371-74: Recovery Project - modeled behavior of liberated Borg drones and others suffering from invasive bioorganisms that alter personality or technology like data mining that strips away segments of memory in a traumatic manner. Predictive modeling proves highly accurate in forming effective treatment options. Medical Citation for service in the treatment of patients.

Second Tour 2374-78 - Pathfinder Project: Recruited to team by Admiral Paris working to communicate with USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. Moar's duties include modeling possible stresses and trauma Voyager crew face so distant from resupply, relief, and families. After contact made duties expanded to include having no counselor and medical staff aboard ship outside EMH. Previous experience with Borg recovery proved invaluable assisting Voyager in predicting Borg behavior and forming strategies against Borg in later encounters. Commendation for meritorious service and promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Third Tour 2378-81: Starfleet Medical - further refines observational model by studying humans in their natural habitat. Gives lectures to students about value of observational studies to formation of effective treatment strategies.

Fourth Tour 2381-Current: Assigned USS Nox Ship's Counselor. Assignment includes treating standard crew needs as well as forming a psychological model on subject: USS Spartan. Rank Lieutenant Commander